Non-Profit Services

We have worked with a range of small and large non-profit organizations, from a $250K environmentally focused organization to a $200M international development organization, performing a variety of tax, accounting and consulting services. We can help you keep accurate books and records and make the necessary filings, so you can focus on advancing your mission.


Accounting Services

Generating useful accounting reports for a non-profit organization requires both traditional accounting knowledge and understanding of specialized concepts, such as tracking restrictions on net assets, and keeping books that allow reporting out to donors or funders at the project or donation level. We can handle your bookkeeping and financial statement preparation, bank reconciliations, and project-level budgeting, expense tracking and progress monitoring. We have expertise in accounting for federal, state and foundation grants and awards, indirect expense allocation methodologies, and other specialized services.

Form 990 Services

Form 990 is more than a tax filing; as a public document, it can be a powerful tool to showcase your mission and impact both current and future donors. We can assist you by preparing a filing that not only meets the compliance requirements, but also highlights your achievements.



Consulting Services

We have worked with non-profit organizations for over thirty years and have a robust understanding of the issues facing them. We have provided a range of services, including assistance with Form 1023, consulting on internal control and board governance issues, grant close-out assistance and life-of-project analysis, enterprise software selection and system implementation support, and state solicitation registration support - to name a few. If you have a project, chances are, we can help.